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Your are here because you are looking for best packers and movers in pune , right? At best domestic shifting you can get top class domestic shifting experience which will make your relocation hassle free.

As best movers and packers in pune we are serving people from more than 20 years, with motto of providing quality domestic shifting services in reasonable price. We are professional and reputed moving packers and movers in pune because we have years of experience and trained team of employees who offers you damage free relocation in very affordable pricing.

We are appreciated packes and movers in pune because of our customer friendly nature our workers treat our clients with respect and behave proactively with them. Our workers not only respect clients but also a good listeners they listen your needs without interrupting or interjecting and start working accordingly.

Services we Provide

Why Choose us?

• Tell us your requirement

You can reach us through call or you can post your request through our website.

• Schedule survey

We visit your place for pre move survey and provide you instant quote as per your size of house and number of goods in your house.

• Packing with quality material:

We pack your goods with high quality material like boxes and bubble wrap. Our High quality packing is helps to move goods without any damage.

• Loading and Transportation:

Our trained crew team properly loads your heavy material in our high end trucks and our experience transportation team gives you on time delivery.

• Unpacking:

At the end we help our clients to unpack there essentials. Our crew team also helps them to arrange the essentials on desired place.

Licensed company:

We are registered packers and Movers Company with government of india. We are registered company and we also provide transit insurance with your goods which saves your goods in long distance relocation. Transit insurance requires nominal fees.

We are experienced:

We are experienced packers and movers in pune and serving people from last 20 years. As old saying goes, always spend your money rather than things. With years of experience we promise you quality services which fit your budget

Best prices:

As experienced as trusted packers and movers’ pune we offer you best services which saves upto 30% on moving cost as compare to other packers and movers In pune. We never give you surprise by charging any hidden cost but we give you surprise by offering you domestic relocation services at very reasonable prices. Hence hiring us for y shifting your essentials leads to save your money and time also.

Free cancelation and rescheduling:

You can schedule date as per your convenience and you can cancle your order any time we refund your money with no question asked.

Well trained workers:

As best movers and packers in pune we have well trained team of worker who behave proactively and professionally with you. Our dedicated team handles your entire relocation task like packing, loading, transportation and unloading very carefully.

24*7 customer support:

As reputed packers and movers pune we know the importance of customer support. We know that support is very important because you are shifting your valuable essentials with us and you want to track the progress of your relocation hence we provide 24*7 customer support. You can reach us by using social media, Email, or you can directly call us for support.

1. What are the charges of local shifting in pune.

Charges of local shifting are different as per the number of essentials and distance from one place to another place.

Following chart includes the approximate charges of local shifting in pune city.

Type of shifting Estimated Charges
Some household goods 5000 - 8000
All household goods 8000 – 16,000
1 BHK Home relocation 6000 – 10,000
2 BHK Home relocation 7000 – 15,000
3 BHK Home relocation 8000 – 20,000
5 BHK/Villa relocation 11,000 – 26,000
Some office equipment shifting 7000 – 11,000
Complete office shifting 9000 – 20,000
2. Who are best packers and movers in pune?

Pune is big city and there are number of packers and movers in the pune. You can use internet fo find best packers and movers in pune. but all companies listed on internet are not genuine because there are lots of companies who use SEO tactics reach clients but we are reputed and trusted brand in packing and moving industry in pune city and we are also a best packers and movers In pune city because we have years of experience and professional team of employees who help you to relocate your house without any damage.

3. How to identify genuine packers and movers?

To identify genuine packers and movers in pune you should have to check their testimonials on internet. And most important thing you can also ask for government registration document to check wherter the company is government approved or not.

4. Why should I choose bestdomesticshifting.com for relocate my house?

We have years of experience in moving industry. We also have trained and experienced staff who can accomplish all the moving activities very professionally.

5. How to hire affordable and best packers and movers?

Hiring best packers at affordable prices is little bit difficult task but following tips will surely help you to hire best packers and movers.

• Find a list of packers and movers on internet
• Check the reputation of shortlisted companies
• Check the quality and professionalism of employees
• Read reviews and ratings of moving company
• Shortlist top three best companies who suites your needs.
• Invite them to conduct pre move survey
• Get detailed written estimate
• Compare all three estimates with one another.
• Choose the best packers and movers who fulfill your relocation needs.
• Read the terms and conditions before signing contract

6. What is moving insurance?

Moving insurance is service offered by relocation companies who helps to cover the risk of damage in case of any accident. There are two types of moving insurance
• Goods insurance:
This type of insurance covers the risk of damage only during the transportation process. You can purchase goods insurance from moving company or you can also purchase insurance from third party companies. This insurance available at very reasonable price that is 1.5% of declared value of your belongings.
• All inclusive moving insurance:
This type of insurance covers the risk of damage during entire packing and moving process. All moving companies do not provide this kind of insurance because this is little bit expensive affair. Third party insurance companies do not all inclusive moving insurance only professional and trusted moving companies’ offers this insurance. All inclusive moving insurance available at 3% declared value of your goods.

7. Which items cannot be insured?

There are some items which cannot be insured, packing and moving companies denied providing insurance covers in some items and that items are as follows.
• Cash
• Valuables
• Documents
• Medications
• Important Documents
• Jewelry

Fragile items required extra care hence to protect fragile items you required proper size boxes and high quality packing material. Only good packing material is not sufficient but you also need a professional and experience packers and movers who can pack and protect your goods properly.

There are three main factors to determine the moving cost
1. Number and size of the goods in the house
2. Distance between the your location to moving location
3. Moving cost is little bit low during the slack period of the year



Our Testimonial

Moving tips to make your relocation hassle free:

Companies are expanding themselves to expand or generate more business. We all know packing and moving is really a stressful task but following tips will surely help you to minimize the headache of relocating your office at new place.

1. Planning :
Someone says that “planning is the key to success” hence plan your office relocation in at least 2 to 4 months in advanced. This will give you more time to decide choose and manage the furniture and interior in office. Early planning saves you from last minute scrambling, because no one wants to pack the electronic items and heavy furniture’s at last minute of moving .
2. Select experts:
Start searching for best architect, designers, engineers that will need in future after completion of your office shifting process.
3. Inform your employees:
Inform your employees about relocation. Giving information early will help your employees to finish important task before moving and also helps prepare them for this new change.
4. Hire a professional and packer and movers in pune:
Hiring professional packers and movers is always a challenging task hence you need to be careful while hiring packers and movers. Because there are lots of fake packers and movers ranking on first page of the Google using Search engine optimization techniques. We suggest you to check the review and rating and legal documents to identify and hire genuine packers and movers.
5. Assign task to every one:
Assign a task of packing of own goods to your employees it will be major help to moving company and also saves the time of shifting. This will also saves you from last minute packing which is very frustrating. You have to give one or two hours off to your team to arrange and properly pack their desks.
6. Assign a move manager:
Assign a two move manager to manage entire moving task. We suggest assigning managers one at origin and one at your destination. And give responsibility to only these two peoples to manage and supervise whole moving process.
7. Inform your IT team:
Inform your IT team as early as possible because disconnecting and again reconnecting your IT equipments at new place is biggest very complicated process. As soon as you know the date of moving make a plan for transferring your equipments.
8. Label your boxes:
Once you complete packing of your goods and electronics item you must have to lable all the boxes with appropriate name and numbers. This way you can easily keep track and find items at your new place. We also suggest you to give appropriate name, number and short description to every employee’s workstation so you can easily find and arrange items at your new office.
9. Pack you electronic devices with extra care:
Try to pack you electronic devices with extra care because devices like computers, printers, wifi routers are most important and expensive equipments at your business. As best movers and packers in pune we suggest you to use quality material for packing of your computers always pack monitors with thick moving blanket, bubble wrap and tape. Nevery try to stack these items on top of other items or stack other goods on them. Always try to keep them separately.
10. Conclusion:
No one ever said that packing and moving is a easy and enjoyable task, but with planning and implementation of plans you can make any move successful. As bes packers and movers in pune we are always there to help you

We have twenty years of experience as packers and movers in pune. On the basis of experience we are going to share some tips with you which helps you in relocate your house very easily.
Make Checklist:
Plan everything and make a checklist accordingly e.g. check the reading of your light bill, check the reading of your water meter so you can know the exact amount and pay the bill accordingly. Know the bill of newspaper; collect the T.C from children’s school, pay the society maintained charges, pay the shifting charges to your society. So never forget to make a checklist and written down everything on one page.
Sell or Donate unused goods:
As professional packers and movers in pune we found some cases whare peoples pay for some goods which they don’t want to shift with them in new house and home shifting time is best time for purge. Hence we suggest you to sell your old goods on online sites or donate them. So, before shifting sort unused items and donates, sell or discard them.
Choose packers and movers in pune:
As best movers and packers pune we suggest you to research and select trusted packers and movers in pune by reading reviews and checking their registration documents. You can find best movers and packers in your city on internet but always select three to five compnies so you can compare them later and find best match for your relocation needs.
Pick a moving day:
Pick your moving day as per your convenience. As best packers and movers in pune we suggest you to choose packers and movers at least month out so you plan your move accordingly. As per our suggestion try to pick moving date on Monday or Tuesday so you can get better quotation because moving companies are busiest on weekends and they have lots of works and at weekend prices are littile higher as compare to other week days.
Take pictures:
Always remember to take pictures of electrical plug points before packing of your electronic essentials. This method will save your time of finding which plug will goes where after shift your electronic items at new place. Take photos before leavening a rented house and also take photos of new rented house and this photos to your owner It will definitely save your time and money.
Change your address:
As reputed home shifting company in pune we suggest you to change your address on legal documents and also inform your colleagues and religious about your new address as soon as possible to avoid further miscommunication.
Pack essentials separately:
Pack the bag of essentials separately e.g. changing clothes, drinks, paper plates, first aid kit so you can easily access them when required. We suggest you to keep your bag in your own car so you can assess them quickly.
Use small boxes for heavy items:
Always use small boxes to pack heavy items so you can easily load and unload them without any damage. Use big boxes for light items like pillows, towels etc.
Do not buy groceries a week before move:
If you want to save your money by throwing good food, stop buying groceries a week before your relocation. Try to use all the groceries in your house before you leave If you are not able to finish foods before your move then invite friends at your home for lunch.
Make copies of important documents:
Make a copies of your important documents like PAN Card, Birth Certificate, Living Certificate this copies will help you in case of damage in transit.
Clean house for new residents:
It’s very good gift if you clean your house after packing all the material. We suggest you to clean house for new residents and leave a note for them. We know that entire house cleaning is a very hectic task after packing, hence tries to hire house cleaning services or do it by you if possible.

The process of the transit is complex and a big headache for the normal Peoples, but our professionally trained workers make it easy by using systematic techniques.

Following points covers how we offer the best services to our clients

Survey of client’s house:
Our team member visits your house to make a list of the goods and electronics items to plan the transportation process. The survey is important to give a proper quotation to the customer. The survey gives us a better understanding of the essentials in a client's house. After the survey, we define the strategy for the move and assign the proper vehicle for the move as per the customer’s property and goods.

Proper Estimate to the client:
After Survey our representative provides you a proper estimate based on the size of your house and the number of goods in your house. An estimate includes the last price of packing and moving service. In the estimate, we give a list of requested transportation services and the price list with all the details.

Packing process:
We pack your household items in good quality boxes. Our team follows all the rules of good packing to offer you the best services. The packing process includes the wrapping of your valuable items in the good quality wrapper and placing them carefully in packing boxes. Our professionals avoid mixing your household items in the same box; they place the team properly in the separate box then pack the boxes with high-quality tape. As best packers and movers in Pune, we always follow the proper packing process to make our clients happy.

Loading process:
We follow the best practices to load your belongings into the trucks. First of all, we load the heaviest furniture first. Then we arrange delicate goods so. We cover all your items with protective material during the loading process to protect them from scratches. Because of professional loading of goods we are one of the best packers movers in pune.

Storage (If needed):
We serve storage services to the peoples who are waiting for the keys of therein new home. Our warehouses are highly secure and pest free so you peoples can store their goods in our warehouses if they need. We provide the best warehouse and storage services in Pune in reasonable pricing.

We provide on-time delivery of your belongings and place them properly in your new house or at the office under your direction. Our workers properly reassemble all the things at your new place.

Unpacking process:
As best packers and movers in Pune, We give unpacking services to the people as well. We unpack your boxes but we won’t know where to put your goods in your new house. We remove boxes and packing paper from your household essentials so you can easily arrange them at your new house.

There are number of packers and movers in pune city and all over the india but we proud to say that we are one of the professional and most trusted packers and movers in pune city. Once you hire to for home shifting services and other moving needs we try to give our best to make your relocation stress free and hassle free. We provide numerous services and the list of packing and moving services are as follows.

Domestic moving:
We provide domestic moving services in pune city which suits your budget and schedule. Domestic relocation is not a easy task and it requires skilled workers and professional transportation serve, as renowned domestic movers in pune we try to provide best services to our clients which suits their budget.
As best domestic movers in pune we cover following services
• Complete pre move consultation of your house
• Complete packing of your house hold goods and also offer special packing for your fragile and valuable items
• Professional and personalized loading of your valuable goods.
• Transit insurance if needed
• On time delivery of your goods at your new house and unpacking and setting of furniture at proper place
• Exceptional and 24/7 customer support
• Proper documentation and helps you to claim moving insurance (if any)
Our years of experience will surely help you to complete your domestic relocation without any damage. Because our experts take care of everything from packing, loading, transportation and unpacking.

Office relocation services:
Office shifting is timely and lengthy process it requires extra time and extra efforts. Office shifting is impossible for single person because office shifting includes packing of big and bulky furniture and machinery. And it’s also sensitive task because office shifting includes moving of important documents.
No dough corporate moving is tough task but we can help you to complete your relocation successfully. We are providing office shifing services in pune more than 20 years. We know office shifting is totally different from home shifting but we have specially trained team to accomplish the task of office shifting.
We provide best office shifting services in pune because we follow following steps which help us to accomplish our clients need.
Our office shifting process includes following services.
• Detailed survey of your office or corporate place
• Understanding the moving requirements
• Assign manpower and material for packing
• Provide helpful tips and tricks to the employees during moving to accomplish moving successfully.
• Good quality packing to all goods and essentials and special packing for sensitive equipments and fragile items.
• 24/7 customer support.
• Unpacking of goods at your new office.
If you are looking for professional and affordable packers and movers in Pune then you can hire us to relocate your office.

Vehicle transportation service:
Domesticshifitng.com provides vehicle shifting services which include car carrier services and bike transportation services in pune and all over the india. With help of our professional and trained staff we take care of your precious and costly vehicles and deliver them on specified time at desired location.
As best packers and movers in pune the whole and sole motto of our company is to deliver your bike and cars in pristine conditions. Domesticshiting.com has specially designed vehicles to transport your vehicles from one place to another place.
As best packers and movers pune city we know the value of your bike and car so we try to deliver best bike packing services at affordable prices.
Our professional bike transpiration services and car transpiration services has following features.
• Fully specialized services with quality packing
• We take full responsibility of your vehicle
• On time delivery of your car or bike without delay
• Great customer support
• Economical pricing with quality services

Warehouse and storage services:
As best packers and mover’s pune it’s our responsibility to take care of customers goods by providing them high quality storage and warehousing services. Warehousing or storage is required in case of people required to leave there currant house but their new house in not yet ready for shifting or new house is not yet found. In this type of scenarios only one thing is comes in mind and this thing is storage or warehousing.
Typically wearehousing and storage services are all about keeping your goods in special structure at secure place. We have professionally designed warehouses to store your goods for long time without compromising the security of your goods.
Following are some key points which make our warehousing and storage faculty best for our customers:
• Strategically located:
The main thing about any warehousing facility is it should be located strategically and easily assessable place so vehicle and transportation can easily reach the warehouse. As best movers and packers in pune we try to provide best warehousing and storage services which meets all the needs of customers. Strategically located warehouses are also important to access goods whenever you want it.
• Size of warehouse:
We provide you proper size warehouses as per the size of number and size of your goods. For big sized goods big sized rooms are required hence we provide rooms with extra space where we store your all goods comfortably.
• We match the industrial standard:
Warehouse is not about building an empty storage room but it requires building according to industries standards. We have properly sized and highly secured warehouses and storage rooms which match industrial standards.
• Security:
As best packers and movers in pune it’s our duty to provide most secure storage services to our clients. We always try to provide you maximum security and take the whole responsibility of your goods. In case of damage or emergency we try to take all the responsibility of your goods.

International moving services:
Bestdomesticshifting.com is not just a domestic shifting company in pune but we are also an international moving service provider in pune city. As we all know international moving is very complex task to accomplish, because it’s not possible to relocate your furniture and household goods without any experience and professional transportation services. We help you to relocate your house from one country t another country.
With experience of two decades we are leading international moving services providers and packers and movers in pune city. We offer you best international relocation services at affordable prices which suits your budget and makes your international relocation tress free.

Transportation services:
We provide best transpiration services in pune. We have specially designed trucks to complete the task of any type of transportation and we have number of high end trucks which help you to complete your transportation need efficiently. The main benefits of choosing us for transportation services is we provide verity of trucks for transportation so you can choose suitable vehicle as per your need.
Now a days transportation services can be easily acquired but we provide you best transportation services at reasonable price rate.